breastfeeding journey

Pumping has been a major lifesaver for us! It’s still tough some days but I’m fortunate to be producing enough milk to keep up with my hungry little guy. It was also nice because it meant that Carl and I could take turns waking up with him at night and that our parents could also feed him (hello naptime!). I have my Spectra S1 pump (love that it has a rechargeable battery!!) and a mobile pump that I can use to pump on the go (HIGHLY recommend- it’s a total lifesaver!). I was pumping every 2-3 hours like clockwork.

Funnily enough, now that he’s getting bigger and growing, we are actually now doing both pumping and nursing! I decided to try nursing again after he hit about a month and a half, and to both our surprise, he not only latched on well, he nursed on both breasts for 30 minutes. 

So now, when I’m with him I breastfeed. It’s such a beautiful way to bond and I feel so connected to him in our little moments together. It’s also definitely easier to nurse than use a bottle at night in my opinion. I am still pumping throughout the day and we use the bottle whenever I’m not there that’s been working for us!

Doing both pumping and nursing is definitely tiring and uncomfortable at times. One of the things that has helped me a ton is these Lillmer Breast Packs! They’re gel-free pads that you can either freeze or microwave and stick right in your nursing/pumping bra. They come in a variety of cute patterns and are so soothing for the nips.

I’ve also been trying to be better about staying hydrated and eating a lot of oats since they are supposed to be good for milk production. Target (and Amazon) have cookies that are filled with a ton of great ingredients for breastfeeding/pumping mamas! I’m also loving Ivy Carnegie’s lactation brownies and using oat milk wherever I can.

It’s been a roller coaster journey to navigate breastfeeding/pumping (which is why it feels like we’ve been at this for way longer than 6 months!), but I am so happy with where we are now. 

If you’re a first time expecting mom, I recommend working with a lactation specialist or taking a class NOW before your little one gets here. Trust me on this- I wish I would have listened to people who advised me to do so. 

Do you want to see more posts about pumping or nursing? Let me know!

xo, melissa

*Full Disclosure: I received Lilemer products as a gift. As always, all opinions are my own.

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